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Seller Warranty

Dear Customer,

Seller/Dealer warranty Products mean they are imported phones from outside india and hence there is no manufacture warranty in India.
The phones are 100% original , genuine and authentic only they do not have warranty in india.

Hence we give you a 6 months seller/dealer warranty which includes only software support for 6 months and no hardware support.

In case of any hardware defect you have to get it repaired on a chargeable basis at any local service centre or you can send the product to us for any hardware repairs which will be done on a chargeable basis.

All seller warranty products are checked and shipped to you by a team of professionals so there are no chances that you recieve a defective product and the products shipped by Maniac Store are transit insured hence any damage during transit is also covered.

Also mentioned in the IN BOX contents is final as the in box content vaires from country to country and product to product. Details mentioned in Details Description in product listing is universal for the product.

Thanks and Regards
Team Buildyourbox